Our roots run deep. We've been providing gardening solutions and supplies since the 1940s.

Our History

Poundridge Nurseries was founded by Vincenzo Pasciuti, an Italian immigrant and small business owner based in New Rochelle, New York. Pasciuti purchased the land that would become home to the nursery in 1924, and the business officially opened in its current location in the early 1940s. To date, four generations of Pasciuti's have worked at and run the nursery in Vincenzo's vision.

In 2017, Poundridge Nurseries was bought and renamed Pound Ridge Nursery & Garden Center, Inc.

Pound Ridge, New York was originally home to the Siwanoy and Kitchawong Indians, who planted, fished, and kept game in enclosures called "pounds" on various ridges in the area. Colonists settled in in the 1640s and a town was established in 1788.

The land on which the nursery stands was once owned by Major Ebenezer Lockwood, the leader of the Pound Ridge Militia in the American Revolution who took part in a notorious raid by British Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton. Although much of the town was destroyed, two of the original buildings from this time still stand as our store and a private home, both of which are now historic landmarks.