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it's time to think about planting fall bulbs! we will have a huge selection available beginning mid-September: tulips, daffodils, allium, etc. If you are looking for something in particular, please call or stop by. we will be happy to special order for you. 


we completed our second Children's Event Co-hosted with the pound ridge library "re-growing fruits and vegetables from scraps. Once again everyone had a great time!







To-do List for the month of August

Weed, mulch, water, deadhead          

Maintenance is the name of the game during the hottest months of the summer!  Be sure to stay on top of watering, weeding, mulching and deadheading, and don’t forget to arrange for someone to water your new plantings or container arrangements if you are going away on vacation.

Remove rose leaves infected with black-spot           

Caused by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae, black spot is one of the most common diseases that can plague your roses. Black spot, which starts as small black spots on the leaves but can quickly cause leaves to turn yellow and fall off, thrives in the heat and humidity of late summer. If you notice the tell-tale signs of this defoliating fungus, remove infected leaves from the plant and completely remove them from the property. Be sure to sterilize your tools to avoid spreading the disease from an infected plant to a healthy plant. You can also use foliar sprays, either chemical or organic (i.e. Neem oil), to control the spread of the fungus. Use proper watering techniques, such as watering in the morning and taking care to not get the foliage wet (water at the base of the plant), and be sure that there is plenty of air circulation around your roses.

Cut Hydrangea Blooms for Drying           

Towards the end of the month, cut older hydrangea blooms for drying! These blooms can be used in year-round table arrangements or in wreaths. See below for details on two ways to dry your hydrangea blooms.

 Look to the fall!          

Start planning the fall additions to your garden. Think about what fall blooming perennials you'd like to plant - ornamental grasses, hardy mums, asters, etc. Also, start planning your bulb displays and researching which varieties you'd like to plant! We will be carrying a wide variety of bulbs beginning in mid-September. Call or stop by. We are happy to special order for you.


How To: Drying Hydrangeas

Nearly everyone loves the colorful blooms of hydrangeas. Whether they're the bright blue 'Endless Summer' variety or the creamy white-to-blush-pink of the 'PeeGee' variety, hydrangea flowers are a bright and beautiful way to bring color to the summer and fall garden.

The beauty of hydrangea blooms can last beyond the growing season by cutting and drying the fluffy flowers and using them in arrangements year-round. Here are 2 different ways to dry hydrangea blooms!

Drying Hydrangeas Naturally

The most important factor in air drying hydrangea blooms is waiting until they are ready before cutting them from the shrub. Leave the blooms on the shrub until late summer, when they have already started to dry on the stems. Experiment with different batches from August through October. Wait until the blooms take on a "vintage" look - they will turn slightly greenish, or the color will start to fade a bit and the petals themselves will feel drier than usual; that's the time to cut! Strip the leaves off of the cut blooms and arrange in a vase, with or without water, and let them naturally finish drying. If the stems are very slender and cannot support the weight of the bloom, hang them upside down.

Drying Hydrangeas with Silica Gel

Using silica gel is the best way to dry fresh blooms, or flowers that have just opened and have not had time to naturally dry on the plant. Flowers dried with silica gel will have more vibrant and saturated colors than those allowed to dry naturally. Silica gel is actually not a gel, but a sandy substance with blue crystals, and can be purchased in large quantities from craft stores such as Michael's or AC Moore.

Be sure to use a Tupperware or plastic container that is large enough to hold the bloom with enough room on all sides and the bottom so the bloom will retain its shape. Cut fresh, newly opened blooms in the morning, and be sure the petals are dry (no rain or dew drops). Cut the stems short so it will fit in the container; leaves can be removed or left attached.

Hold the bloom upside-down over the container, and slowly sift the silica gel over and into the bottom of the container. Once there is a 1"-thick layer of gel at the bottom, gently drop the bloom onto the gel. Continue sifting the gel over the bloom, making sure to cover it on all sides and ensuring the gel bets between and underneath all the petals. Once the container is half-full, gently tap the sides to distribute the gel between the petals. Fill the container with the gel, cover tightly, and date. After 4 days, gently shake out the silica gel and remove the dried bloom! Blooms can be stored in a plastic bag until you're ready to use them for arrangements, or can be placed in a dry vase for viewing.


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