Meeka Van der Wal - Landscape Designer

Meeka has been trained by Landscape Architects and holds a degree in Landscape Design from The New York Botanical Gardens. The school is acknowledged worldwide as a leader in horticultural excellence, scientific research, and educational programs. She is also a member and former Board Member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. 

Meeka ‘s background allows her to develop landscape plans through all phases… from concept to Master Plan with full sets of construction details for installing planting plans, building walls + essential hardscape, grading + drainage solutions to architectural details. When designing Master Plans, she always strives to integrate sustainable design solutions with a strong sense of environmental consciousness. 

Prior to starting her career as a Landscape Designer, Meeka was trained in advanced photography at the International Center of Photography (“ICP”) as well as studio photography and lighting at the School of Visual Arts (“SVA”). This expertise has enabled Meeka to link her visual arts background with her passion for landscape design. 

Meeka also spent many years in advertising and account management at Getty Images in New York City. Her professional business background enables her to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients that look to Pound Ridge Nursery & Garden Center  for reliable services year after year.



Michele Langone holds a Bachelors of ScienceDegree in Sustainable Landscape Horticulture from the University of Vermont. She got her start working at both retail and wholesale nurseries in her home state of Massachusetts, and has been designing landscapes in Westchester and Fairfield Counties since 2013.

She is passionate about sustainable gardens, and loves finding creative design solutions to craft beautiful, useful spaces for her clients. Michele is also an adjunct instructor at the New York Botanical Garden, where she teaches classes on topics ranging from container plantings to designing with perennials.


DAVID CASCIARi - Landscape consultant

David Casciari’s professional strength derives from a very simple fact: Dave loves and respects plants. He believes that a plant, any plant, no matter how modest, must be in a place that lets it thrive. Defining this space is one of David’s passions. He addresses his clients’ concerns in an honest, straight-forward manner, correcting past mistakes and helping them avoid common gardening errors. Dave is a natural problem-solver, an honest planter for dedicated gardeners. His advice is highly valued, and the loyalty of his clients is legendary.

Dave’s passion for plants grew from a desire to make his own property a horticultural showcase. His 15 years of experience in the landscape trade began as a customer at the finest nurseries in the area. This led him to Pound Ridge Nursery & Garden Center, where he joined the staff in the spring of 2006. Dave specializes in the selection and placement of specimen trees and shrubs, the bigger and more unique, the better. His extensive knowledge of quality plants and his friendly “garden-side” manner make David a favorite of many clients. He attributes the sense of artful composition he brings to each project to his skills as a photographer. Landscaping is actually a family affair for Dave, whose mother-in-law was a well-respected landscape designer.