Herbaceous perennials are the heart and soul of a garden. Their flowers and foliage provide form, color, and texture to the landscape, making them one of the most rewarding elements of gardening. As their name suggests, perennials return year after year, bringing beautiful flowers or attractive leaves throughout the growing season. Pound Ridge Nursery & Garden Center, Inc. carries a vast selection of the most desirable perennials ranging from top performing varieties to unusual cultivars and uncommon genera. While some nurseries only sell perennials in small pots, we stock large, mature plants that will give your garden a finished look the day they are planted.


Browse our perennial benches to find the perfect addition for your sunny or shady border. Come, and come again, because every few weeks throughout the season another group of perennials will be in bloom and you can see them at their peak in the nursery before you buy. That special addition to your current collection, or the plant that will complete a perfect combination awaits you at our nursery. Consult with our design team and turn your visions of a flower-filled dream garden into a reality.