The object of good design is to solve problems. Fortunately for our customers, the landscaping team at Pound Ridge Nursery & Garden Center is adept at producing elegant, effective solutions for outdoor spaces. If you're looking for a reason to pursue our landscaping services, consider the following:

  • A thoughtfully planned landscape will enhance the look and value of your property for years to come.
  • Properly located trees can slash a household's heating and cooling energy consumption by 25 percent or more.
  • Specially placed evergreens and other shrubs can be used as windbreaks to reduce wind effects.
  • Landscaping projects can help you overcome problems such as steep banks, shady wet areas, and unpleasant views.
  • If you've always wanted an outdoor area in which to host parties and gatherings, a new patio or garden-tipped lawn area can turn your property into an inviting entertainment spot.
  • Does your home seem cramped? Landscape professionals can enlarge the look and feel of your residence by extending indoor rooms into a garden with decks and terraces.
  • Beautiful gardens have emotional and spiritual rewards, providing oases for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our landscape designers specialize in understanding the confluence of plants, landforms, and hardscape (the manmade fixtures of an outdoor area). With years of experience working with a multitude of property types and layouts, our team understands how to best utilize the hundreds of varieties of plants at Pound Ridge Nursery & Garden Center and turn ordinary places into special places. 

Our design process is simple and our fee schedule is straightforward. We will take care of everything required to complete your project from start to finish, or perform whatever amount of work your needs and budget dictate. Call us today to arrange an appointment with one of our landscape professionals.